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Artist: Benedikt Gahl

It is not the result, but the process of painting that is the central focus of Benedikt Gahl’s work. It begins with a feeling or an experience that gradually takes shape in an expressive work process on the medium surface. This releases a dynamic that goes far beyond the edge of the underlying material. In individual applications of paint, Gahl composes the image in a collage-like manner from back to front. The depth of the image is not created in a central perspective, but through the interplay of thick and thin application of paint. While the paint is often applied so thickly that individual brushstrokes are almost pressed in, thin areas of color in other areas reveal the many underlying layers.
Oil painting is one of the constants in the artist’s oeuvre. Through it he examines the autonomy of the paint, which acts independently of the object. Even though some of his works betray scenic or figurative references, the figure serves rather as a pretext. Through a complexity without subordination, works are created that draw the viewer into their spell. Viewers lose themselves in oval forms, curved lines and sharp accents that gradually fall into place on the medium’s surface. Individual shades and nuances of color and are visible above all up close, while color relationships only become apparent from a distance. Form, color and style are the theme of the picture. The process of finding out when a picture is completed is the most challenging. Because even if the artist has set the work aside, it can be retrieved months later. Each work is in an intermediate state.
Instead of orienting himself on external preferences, the artist is concerned with that which is within himself.  Individual works become quotations from past states of mind that only he can read. Art becomes a private cosmos.

Benedikt Gahl began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 2002 as one of the first students with Professor Markus Oehlen and received the Debutant prize upon his graduation in 2007. After completing his education, he founded the VistVunkVerlag with fellow Munich artists Veit Kowald, Marcel Ralle and Jürgen Winderl in 2008.

2010Project Grant of the City of Munich, GER
2008Debutant Sponsorship Bavaria, GER
2002-2007studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Prof. Markus Oehlen, GER
Solo Shows and Two Person Shows (Selection)
2019"in your face" (with Patrick Ostrowsky), Galerie Britta von Rettberg, Munich, GER
2018"Danke. Gut." (Thanks fine), Galerie Britta von Rettberg, Munich, GER
2012"Home is where the Hatred is", Galerie Höhne, Munich, GER
2007"Spiegelarchiv", Lothringer 13, Munich, GER
2006"Dreamgeruch", Adler Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, GER
Group Shows (Selection)
2019"Z COMMON GROUND", Ausstellung Spielort Experimentierfeld, Munich, GER
"Wiedersehen", Kunstarkaden, Munich, GER
"Geflügelt ohne Augen spielt der Knabe", Kunstblock Balve, Munich, GER
2018"Neueröffnung", project space, Munich, GER
"Geflügelt ohne Augen spielt der Knabe", Kunstblock Balve, Munich, GER
2017"Greetings from Munich", Galerie Britta von Rettberg, Munich, GER
"Fernisering", ROM, CPH
"Artificial Idiocracy", Raumschiff ( Ars Electronica), Linz, AT
2016"Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Kreis", Kunstarkaden Munich, GER
"Bungalow # 6", Koh Phayam, THA
2015"englische titel", Kunstverein Regensburg, GER
"Fünf Tische", Temporäres Archiv der Gegenwart, Munich, GER
2010"Chasing the Blickwinkel", Kunstarkaden, Munich, GER
2005"Video/ökonomie", The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, GER
"Rigor Mortis", Videonale 10, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, GER
2016"Koa Zamperl, koa Herrli" (94 pages)
2010"Know-how-center" (12 books)
2008Foundation of "VistVunkVerlag", Munich, GER

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