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Artist: Irina Ojovan

Irina Ojovan’s artwork is characterized by a subtle, yet specific composition of color tones. The color in her work exists solely for its own sake. Here, color is not subordinate to narrative or figurative lines or forms. Here color is liberated from the brush’s structure, its movement and its style. Little by little, the artist applies each individual layer of color, to create a pictorial space that is free of any representational perspective.

In some works, the artist grants the viewer a glimpse of the underlying layers through a kind of envelope. Often she leaves pencil lines behind, which perhaps stand for unfinished ideas that will only be thought through in the next work. Ojovan’s paintings, for the artist herself, are manifestations of her own thoughts and associations that point to the unspoken in life.  >> more


2019Winsor & Newton Residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
2018Diploma & master student with Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
2015-2017Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt
2014-2015Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof. Matthias Dornfeld
2012-2013Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Prof. Günther Förg
2010-2013Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with Prof. Giuseppe Modica
2009-2010Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turn with Prof. Franco Fanelli
2000-2007School of Fine Arts, "Igor Vieru", Chisinau, Moldova
Solo Shows (selection)
2018"blackitout!", Britta von Rettberg Gallery, Munich
2018"TANDEM 2018 – Irina Ojovan & Catalin Pislaru", Bochum
2016"TANDEM – Irina Ojovan & Catalin Pislaru", Raum49, Academy of Fine Arts Munich
2015Galleria Lo Magno, Modica, Italy
2014"CITY PORTRAIT", Castello Enriquez, Vittoria, Italy
2010Galleria degli Archi, Comiso, Italy
Group Shows (selection)
2018"Salondergegenwart", Hamburg
“Aufbruch” Wurlitzer Pied a Terre Collection, Berlin
"Frühling [ ́fry:ling], der : weiblich", Gallery MAM Galerie, Vienna
“Black Mirror”, MAM Gallery, Vienna
“Tacker”, BBK Munich
"Aufbruch", Wurlitzer Pied a Terre Collection, Berlin
“Wir schwimmen alle im gleichen Wasser” Klasse G. Hildebrandt, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich
2017"Volume 3: Caro Jost, Irina Ojovan & Benjamin Bergmann", Britta von Rettberg Gallery Munich
"These are my enemies", Super+ Centercourt, Munich
"These are my friends", Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
"The power of the line", Jecza Gallery, Temeswar, Romania
Viennacontemporary, Jecza Gallery, Vienna
“Finir en Beauté” Galerie der Künstler, Munich
2016"Die Dinge wie sie sind", Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
"AUSSTELLUNG Klasse Förg / Dornfeld", Matthias Jahn Gallery, Munich
2014"A Homage to Günther Förg", Plakaten Ausstellung, "Les Abattoirs" Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Toulouse
"Parallel Perspektive – Brüche Addicted to a Broken Generation", Bamberg
2012"Il Dogma del Debito", Caffe’ Letterario, Rome, Italy
"Transiti del Sublime", Gallery of Art –Temple University of Rome, Italy
Art Fairs
2018Munich Paper Positons (Britta von Rettberg Gallery)
Art Düsseldorf, (MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna)
Code Art Fair, Copenhagen, (MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna)
Vienna Contemporary, (MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna)

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