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Artist: Raymond Gantner

Raymond Gantner works with various artistic media, such as screen printing, photography, video and sculpture. In most cases, he makes use of montage/assemblage techniques and draws on pictorial material from scientific journals, architecture magazines and his own motifs from photographs and drawings.

With the silkscreen prints created in the summer of 2016, the artist ventured for the first time to a larger format and chose canvas – rather than paper, as one is accustomed to with classical prints – as his medium. Layer by layer, the most diverse colors, shapes, patterns and motifs were superimposed. Facing them, the viewer is given the impression of standing in front of a “moving picture”: A bird circles around a futuristic-looking building; ancient figures prance through a moving, urban landscape.

Through these contrasts in motifs and form, the artist once again seems to want to demonstratively break conventional constructions of living space open. » more

2011Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Senator Bernhard Borst Award of the Art Academy Munich Foundation)
2003-2009Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with Prof. Markus Oehlen (Painting and Design)
Solo Shows (selection)
2018"How I learned to stop worrying", Britta von Rettberg Gallery, Munich
2016"Licht", Fred Jahn Gallery at the Munich Residence
2015"It is not not been so", Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj/Romania
2013"Druck", Goldnuss Gallery, Straubing
Group Shows (selection)
2019"Geflügelt ohne Augen spielt der Knabe", Kunstblock Balve, Munich
2017"Greetings from Munich", Britta von Rettberg Gallery, Munich
"Being Mountains, Being Seas", Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj/Romania
2016"Aus der Mitte entspringt ein Kreis", Kunstarkaden, Munich
2015"Stickyfingers", Matthias Jahn Gallery, Munich
"Nur ein Augenblick", Anna25 Gallery, Berlin
"Konglomerat", Kunstpavillon, Munich
2014"Review 25", Galerie Anna25, Berlin
"Bienvenue", Matthias Jahn Gallery, Munich
"nfo.split/sceen", Projektraum "Raumschiff", Linz (Austria)
Performances, Scholarships, Publications
2017"Munich paper positions" (Art Fair), Munich
2015Foundation of the artist collective (Temporäres Archiv der Gegenwart)

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