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Exhibition: akkord – Gülbin Ünlü, Timur Lukas & Martin Wöhrl

In the group exhibition “akkord” from 14.07. to 21.09.2018, the Britta von Rettberg Gallery presents current works on paper and canvas as well as sculptures and video by artists Gülbin Ünlü, Timur Lukas and Martin Wöhrl:

Gülbin Ünlü: Multimedia artist Gülbin Ünlü works with everything from painting, photography and video to performance, music and literature. For her, it is the idea itself that determines the form in which it is realized. If one technique is not enough to implement an idea, it will be used in combination with other techniques. Thus the artist finds her own visual language in each work, which she opens to the viewer through various forms of expression. Ünlü’s artistic versatility can also be experienced in the Galerie Rettberg’s group exhibition “akkord”. In addition to a video piece, the artist presents a new series on paper, created with a technique using printing ink that she developed herself. This process is the result of a long phase of experimentation, which Ünlü developed for her graduate thesis at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts (February 2018). Her thesis was awarded the Erwin and Gisela von Steiner Foundation prize. >> more

Timur Lukas’s work begins as soon as his mind is clear. Only then are his powerful color compositions free to unfold over the picture’s surface. From the shoulder and elbow, the artist moves his brush across the canvas without inhibition, and individual forms seem to glide easily into place. The artist works both spontaneously and thoughtfully. By combining variations made up of filigreed lines and coarse brush surfaces, a dynamic is released which is rounded off by his powerful use of color. The works that the artist presents in Galerie Rettberg’s group exhibition “akkord” have been created since he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (February 2018). They are characterized by a combination of powerful yellow and grey tones, which Lukas combines with nuances of black. >> more

Martin Wöhrl: Sculptor Martin Wöhrl uses motifs from art history, but also from everyday contexts in his work. His artistic practice focuses on questions of space and volume as well as questions of form and surface. Wöhrl himself cites representatives of the Minimal- and Concrete Art movements as important points of reference. He does not imitate them, however, but expands their reduced visual language with his own personal component to create a network of art-historical references and individual experiences. 
Martin Wöhrl’s works play with the viewer’s perception; they can be irritating at first, but in some places they also betray a tendency toward humor and nostalgia. The reduced design and rough structure of these works contrast with Galerie Rettberg’s historic interior architecture, as well as with the colorful works on canvas and paper by Timur Lukas and Gülbin Ünlü. Martin Wöhrl is represented by the Tanja Pol Gallery, Munich. >>more


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