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Exhibition: Benedikt Gahl – Danke. Gut.

From January 19 through March 9, 2018, the Britta von Rettberg Gallery presents current works by Munich artist Benedikt Gahl. The solo exhibition brings together large-format oil paintings as well as works on paper and sculptures, mainly from the year 2017, and features a wall-sized oil painting entitled “It takes a nation of millions”, which was created for this exhibition.

Oil painting is one of the constants in the artist’s oeuvre. Through it he examines the autonomy of the paint, which acts independently of the object. Even though some of his works betray scenic or figurative references, the figure serves rather as a pretext. Through a complexity without subordination, works are created that draw the viewer into their spell. Viewers lose themselves in oval forms, curved lines and sharp accents that gradually fall into place on the medium’s surface.

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